I am a fine art portrait and seascape artist working primarily with oils on linen and copper.  My portrait focus is EXPRESSION and my seascape focus is MOOD.  My seascapes and portraits as well as plein air paintings and murals (movable and permanent) are in homes and businesses throughout the US, Canada, and the UK.

I am a one-of-a-kind artist when it comes to painting portraits on copper.  These portraits are very time consuming but the results have a glow from within that is unlike anything accomplished on canvas or board.  

When I am not working on commissions,  I paint en plein air Florida and New England scenes and seascapes on canvas, pressed board, Sintra, or copper. 

n 2012 I moved to Florida.  Before that, while living in New Hampshire, I painted en plein air along the seacoasts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Maine.  And, I painted portraits and figurative pieces in my studio.  I have also 
had the great pleasure of creating art in Provence, Venice, Lubec, Campobello Island, Monhegan Island, Martha's Vineyard, and New Orleans.   
Prior to 2012 I exhibited in Northern New England juried shows, one woman and group shows, and galleries.  I am now showing my work in juried shows in Florida and exhibit and teach in the SBG Gallery in Melbourne, FL. 

2019 was an exciting year!  I illustrated a children's book, "Cat Mandoo: The Feline Who Flew" by Alexis Kasden.  It is published and available online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Google Play, and Apple Books.  It has received the "LitPick Top Choice Book Review Reward" for a children's book with a FIVE STAR rating!  I am simply thrilled to be part of such a beautiful book and to have worked with such a wonderful children's book author!  

Also in 2019, I started a series of rough water seascapes based out of New England - specifically along the New Hampshire Coast. - that I completed in early 2020.  Coming up in 2020, a new seascape series based out of Brookings, Oregon and seascapes painted on copper!

Artist's Statement:

"I paint because I have always loved to paint and I paint people and seascapes because I have always been fascinated by both." 


I am currently represented by Papillon Studio in Sarasota, FL and the Piper Gallery in Pompano Beach, FL. as well as  teach at and exhibit with the SBG Fine Gallery in Melbourne, FL.  

Studies and Memberships:

I majored in Fine Art at UNH where I chose John Hatch as my mentor and completed my Magnum Opus my Junior year.

My advanced studies have been with  Newburyport/Rockport master artist - Richard Gibney - a WWII combat artist and muralist, as well as the re-known French muralist - Pascal Amblard - at The Finishing School in Long Island.  I attended workshops with New England master artists - Adeline Goldminc-Tronzo, Dennis Perrin, and Karen Blackwood as well as Florida Master figurative and portrait sculptor, Stephen Perkins and master portrait artist, John Houghton. 

Formerly, I was a member of the Newburyport (MA), York (ME) and Kittery (ME) Art Associations.  I am now a member of The  Artists' Guild of Brevard,(TASGOB), the Vero Beach Art Club (VBAC), the American Society of Marine Painters, and the Portrait Society of America (PSA).